2016 TERMIS-EU Awards Program

Nomination packages for the 2016 TERMIS-EU Awards Program are due: 31 January 2016.

2015 TERMIS Election

Announcement: Slate of Nominees & Election Process


2016 TERMIS-AP Conference

Conference Dates: September 3-6, 2016
Conference Location: Tamsui Town of New Taipei City
Conference Chairs: Shih-Chieh Hung and Ming-Thau Sheu

2016 TERMIS-EU Conference

Conference Dates: 28 June - 1 July, 2016
Conference Location: Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden
Conference Co-Chairs: Profs. Jöns Hilborn and May Griffith

2016 TERMIS-AM Conference

Conference Dates: December 11- 14, 2016
Conference Location: San Diego, CA
Conference Co-Chairs: Anthony Ratcliffe, PhD; Robert Sah, MD, ScD; and Bill Tawil, PhD


2017 TERMIS-AP Conference

Conference Dates: September 21-24, 2017
Conference Location: Nantong, China
Conference Chairs: Prof. Dr. Xiaosong Gu, Dr. Xiaobin Fu, and Dr. Yilin Cao
Program Chairs: Dr. Fei Ding and Dr. Wei Liu

2017 TERMIS-EU Conference

Conference Dates: 26-30 June 2017
Conference Location: Davos Conference Center, Davos, Switzerland
Conference Chair: R. Geoff Richards, PhD
Conference Program Chair: Mauro Alini, PhD

2017 TERMIS-AM Conference

Conference Dates: December 2017
Conference Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Conference Chair: Anthony Atala, MD
Conference Program Chair: Shay Soker, PhD

A Message from the Editors of Tissue Engineering

The Maturation of Tissue Engineering

Special Collection: Emerging Concepts in 3D Microtissues
Guest Editor: Johnna S. Temenoff, PhD

Development of a Full-Thickness Human Skin Equivalent In Vitro Model Derived from TERT-Immortalized Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts
Christianne M.A. Reijnders, Amanda van Lier, Sanne Roffel, Duco Kramer, Rik J. Scheper, and Susan Gibbs

Neuromuscular Junction Formation in Tissue-Engineered Skeletal Muscle Augments Contractile Function and Improves Cytoskeletal Organization
Neil R.W. Martin, Samantha L. Passey, Darren J. Player, Vivek Mudera, Keith Baar, Linda Greensmith, and Mark P. Lewis

Hydrogel Microencapsulated Insulin-Secreting Cells Increase Keratinocyte Migration, Epidermal Thickness, Collagen Fiber Density, and Wound Closure in a Diabetic Mouse Model of Wound Healing
Ayesha Aijaz, Renea Faulknor, Fran├žois Berthiaume, and Ronke M. Olabisi

Top-Cited Reviews from Tissue Engineering!

Free access to these top-cited reviews is available now through November 13, 2015. Read them today

Tissue Engineering for Pediatric Applications


2015 TERMIS World Congress Meeting Abstracts Now Online


Welcome to the TERMIS/Springer Updatable Book Project

Skype Interview with Prof. Dr. C. James Kirkpatrick

"Insights Into Professional and Personal Opinions" by Prof. Dr. C. James Kirkpatrick - Recipient of the 2014 TERMIS-EU Career Achievement Award - Interview conducted by Prof. Dr. Ivan Martin