TERMIS has established affiliations with other scientific societies to improve understanding and exchange between the societies and to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration that benefits our members.


Memorandum of Understanding between TERMIS and ISBF


International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUSBSE)

Memorandum of Understanding between TERMIS and IUSBSE


Letter of Agreement

The American Society of Transplantation and TERMIS have established a mutually beneficial collaboration for the benefit of our members.  In 2021, the two organizations will coordinate a series of webinars bringing together experts from both fields to share knowledge and ultimately foster progress in organ bioengineering, regeneration and repair.


Affiliate Partner

The NSF Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA) mission is to identify and develop bold and transformative new engineering research directions and to catalyze the engineering community's pursuit of innovative, high-impact research that benefits society. Because TERMIS is an ERVA Affiliate Partner, TERMIS members are among the first to know about ERVA's visioning activities on a formal, ongoing basis and to contribute to ERVA's work.


TERMIS-EU Affiliations

The TERMIS-EU has established affiliations with sister Societies through the Chapter's Strategic Alliance Committee.  Those organizations considered to be sister Societies with the European Chapter of TERMIS are: