TERMIS SYIS-AM 2019 Conference Events
Please read below to learn about the programming SYIS-AM is planning for the 2019 TERMIS-AM meeting.

Student-Meet-Mentor Luncheon
TERMIS-AM SYIS is pleased to host the Student-Meet-Mentor Lunch during the TERMIS-AM Meeting. The Student-Meet-Mentor Lunch gives students and young investigators the opportunity to enjoy an invigorating plated lunch with faculty mentors and leaders of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine fields. Mentors include session chairs, members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, and local industry leaders.

Oral and Poster Awards
A combined team of senior and SYIS judges will visit the top 10 posters and top 10 oral presentations authored by SYIS members, based on abstract scores. Awards will be given to the highest-rated posters (2) and oral presentations (3) given at the conference.

Career Panel Discussion
This discussion panel will consist of young professionals representing careers in academia, industry, government agencies and institutes, and entrepreneurial activities. This is a great opportunity for students and young investigators to hear the recent experiences of these scientists in choosing their career paths, the opportunities and challenges of their chosen career, and providing advice on how you can achieve your career goals. This interactive panel is designed to facilitate open discussion, and to allow students and young investigators to have their questions answered by the panel and other attendees. At previous meetings, this event has been very beneficial for students and young investigators thinking about pursuing a career in any of these fields. Please check back for a list of invited panelists!

Undergraduate Poster Session and Peer Mentor Breakfast
The call for abstracts for an undergraduate specific poster session will be announced later this summer, with a due date to accommodate summer research projects. Undergraduates will be invited to display their posters during an overall poster session as well as during the Peer Mentor Breakfast Session, where students can pair up with older graduate students and postdocs in an informal setting over a light breakfast. Students are encouraged to discuss matters such as the application process for graduate school, selecting an adviser, selecting a program, "day in the life," etc.

SYIS scientific abstract awards
The goal of this award is to recognize scientific excellence of the four top rated abstracts in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to trainees and young investigators (two awards for trainees and two for young investigators) with the aim of recognizing and honoring scientist in the early stage of their careers. Awardees will receive a $500 travel stipend.     

•    Applicants must be investigators early in their careers, including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (< 5 years out postdoctoral experience).
•    Candidates must submit an abstract for TERMIS AM, and SYIS for consideration.
•    Attendance at the meeting is required to obtain the award

SYIS career development award for TERMIS AM members from Mexico, Central and South America:
The SYIS award for career development will be presented to three trainees or young investigator scientists in recognition of their commitment to scientific advancement. This award will provide financial assistance in the amount of $500 for awardees to attend the TERMIS AM conference.  The goal of this award is to provide visibility to upcoming young scientist from Mexico, Central and South America. We aim to provide a support platform for these scientists to present their work during the TERMIS AM conference and network with leaders in the field of tissue engineering.

•    Candidates must be trainees or young investigators (< 5 years as a postdoc) from TERMIS AM countries outside US & Canada.
•    Curriculum Vitae demonstrating outstanding efforts for the development of scientific research.
•    Attendance at the meeting is required to obtain the award.

SYIS Opening Reception
On the opening day of the conference, this reception is for the students of the conference to mix and mingle as well as deliver an overview of the student events.

5K Fun Run
Especially given the beautiful sights and weather in Orlando, a 5K run will be organized near the conference hotel. This event is for anyone (students, young investigators, and faculty) who wants to wake up and exercise before a full day of learning. Runners will be provided with a map and directions for a scenic 5k, followed by a light breakfast at the finish line.