ANNOUNCEMENT - Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B and C

Dear TERMIS Members,
I am very pleased to share some excellent news with you.
Over the last few months, a senior team representing TERMIS has conducted productive conversations with key representatives of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publisher of the journals Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B and C
As a result of those discussions, the Governing Board and Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers are extremely happy to announce that the Society’s partnership with Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers of the official journal of TERMIS, Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B and C has been renewed, and will be extended through 2028. 
What does this continued partnership mean for TERMIS members?
  • All members will continue to receive free online access to Tissue Engineering, Parts, A, B and C;
  • Submission fees to Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B and C will be waived for authors who are Society members in good standing beginning in 2022 (more details will be provided in 2022 with the TERMIS waiver code);
  • Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. will establish a best article award to recognize an author or authors of an article, who have made important contributions in the field. The award of $1,000 USD will be issued at each TERMIS Chapter conference (AM, AP and EU) and one award will be issued at a TERMIS World Congress in the amount of $1,500 USD;
  • All members will be entitled to a discounted flat fee Article Processing Charge (APC) of $2,000 USD for Open Access publication. This is a savings of 38% off the Publisher’s APC rate; 
  • Conference abstracts for all TERMIS Chapter conferences (AM, AP and EU) as well as the World Congresses will be published online in Tissue Engineering Part A;
  • Both TERMIS and the Publisher will continue to develop content for the Tissue Engineering Resource Center that includes helpful resources to members on topics including: “How to Write a Research Paper” and “How to Conduct a Fair Review”. Please stay tuned to the TERMIS website, newsletter and email communications for updates. If you have any suggestions of relevant topics that should be addressed, please reach out to the Executive Administrator, Sarah Wilburn;
  • During the TERMIS Chapter conferences and the World Congresses, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers will continue to organize in-person workshops that assist our members with navigating interviews, negotiating a startup package, how to write scientific manuscripts, and related activities.
We want to thank Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. for their continual support of our Society and for promoting the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field. In signing this new agreement, we will strengthen our mutually beneficial partnership with Mary Ann Liebert and Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B and C. This contract goes into effect on January 1, 2022. 
We will be in contact with our members to provide you with the respective “waiver codes” associated with the Open Access Article Processing Charge (APC) and for the waiver of submission fees.
TERMIS will also be establishing a committee that will work directly with the Publisher to ensure that both of our organizations continue to move in a positive direction with our partnership. If you would like to be involved on the committee, please contact the Executive Administrator.
If you have any questions regarding this matter or your membership to TERMIS, please reach out to me directly or contact our Executive Administrator, Sarah Wilburn.
Tony Weiss
TERMIS President