Students & Young Investigators (SYIS)

Student involvement has been a critical component of every conference, and remains part of the TERMIS' mission. We will continue our commitment to provide many learning opportunities during the conference, as well as the opportunity to interact and network with today's leading regenerative medicine experts.

Student involvement is a critical component of TERMIS. SYIS provides a platform for the "next generation" of scientists and engineers in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to interact. SYIS aims to further the professional and scientific development of its members. The TERMIS definition for a Student member is any individual, who is engaged as a full-time graduate or undergraduate, in a university or college program and is actively involved in research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Young Investigators are defined as persons who are employed by an academic institution in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, who have been awarded their doctoral degree within the past 3 years and who are not holding an appointment as a faculty or academic staff in a university/research institute.


Oral & Poster Presentation

A total of 3 best presenter awards and 3 best poster awards will be given.


SYIS Debate

Call for registration! Join us for the exciting debate and discussion for the members of the SYIS community. The goal of this debate is to gather thoughts towards critically controversial challenges in the field of tissue engineering among students and young investigators. This will be the platform for SYIS members to present constructive arguments and showcase their great knowledge of the field in front of the invited judges and experts.


The details and topic of the debate will be announced soon.


Meet the Expert

This is a platform created for SYIS members to meet the professional leaders in the field and you will be given the freedom to ask questions. It is an interactive discussion platform for leading professionals to share their practical insight, exchange personal views and initiate discussion among delegates. Topics to be discussed:

  • Academia/ industry? Choices for graduates after graduation.
  • Advises and tips of publishing in high impact journals


SYIS Social Night

All SYIS members are invited to join the social night which will give you the chance to meet, learn, interact and build network with each other. Enjoy the night and have fun!


City Tour

Explore the beauty of Malaysia by visiting attractions in Kuala Lumpur in accordance with Visit Malaysia 2020.

Further details will be shared in due course.