How TERMIS Membership Benefits You:

  1. Reduced registration fee to attend a TERMIS World Congress or TERMIS Chapter Conferences;
  2. Free online access to the Society's official journal, Tissue Engineering, Parts A, B, & C, and may purchase a PRINT subscription to the journal for a special rate, 50% off the full personal subscription price;
  3. Posting career opportunities on the TERMIS website free for one month and via eblasts;
  4. Free access to the TERMIS-AM TWIGs monthly webinar series;
  5. Free access to the SYIS organized webinar series;
  6. Reduced registration fees to meetings sponsored or endorsed by the Society, where such agreements have been set up;
  7. Our Membership Committee is working hard to identify additional benefits, which are coming soon!
  8. Access and update your membership profile;
  9. Access to the new TERMIS members only portal and interact with our Community;
  10. Free online access to the TERMIS/Springer Updateable Book Series;
  11. The Society's quarterly newsletter, interLink;
  12. Inclusion in the Society's activities, such as voting in the annual election, being eligible for an award with the Chapters' Awards Programs and eligibility for FTERM.

Your participation in TERMIS as a member helps the Society become a leading international voice in addressing key issues affecting research and clinical developments in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.