Chapters - Asia Pacific

Upcoming Chapter Meetings

Oct 2023

Conference Dates:  October 16-19, 2023
Conference Location:  The Hong Kong Science Park
Conference Chair:  Rocky Tuan, President of CUHK
Program Co-Chairs:  Raymond Tong, Chair of BME, CUHK and Ling Qin, ORT, CUHK


TERMIS-AP Announced the Call for Proposals to Host the 2025 TERMIS-AP Chapter Conference

The deadline for the submission of proposal for the 2025 TERMIS-AP Chapter conference is Tuesday, April 18th, 2023.

Please fill in the TERMIS Regional Conference Application form. The proposal for the 2025 TERMIS-AP Chapter Conference should be submitted to the TERMIS Executive Administrator:

TERMIS-AP Conference Coordinating Committee
c/o Sarah Wilburn, TERMIS Executive Administrator

TERMIS-AP Conference Coordinating Committee members

  •  Jen Ming Yang (Chair)
  • Yasuhiko Tabata
  • Jin Ho Lee
  • Shengming Zhang (Chair-Elect)
  • Akon Higuchi

The TERMIS-AP Conference Coordinating Committee will arrange for the review of all the proposal packages. The Conference Coordinating Committee then presents the selected proposal to the TERMIS AP Council for approval. The organizer of the 2025 TERMIS-AP Chapter Conference will be announced at the closing ceremony at the 2023 TERMIS-AP Conference in Shatin, Hong Kong.


2023 Submission Deadline:  31st October 2022


Please send any questions you may have regarding the Jensen Tissue Engineering Award to the Executive Administrator.  Submissions are due by 31st October 2022.



2022 TERMIS-AP Virtual Student Paper Contest
We are pleased to announce:

2022 TERMIS-AP Webinar Student Paper Contest (2022-TERMIS-SPC) was held as an on-line international symposium from 12/17 (Sat) and 12/18 (Sun) in order to promote students for their research activity in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in Asia and Pacific regions. 

The Gold Award Winners are announced below.

Prof. Jen Ming Yang (CGU) (Chair of TERMIS-AP)
Honorary Chairmen:  Prof. Yasuhiko Tabata (Kyoto U)
Chairmen:  Prof. Akon Higuchi (NCU) and Prof. Guoping Chen (NIMS)
Co-Chairmen:  Dr. Yinghon Zhou (UQ) and Dr. Tzu-Cheng Sung (WMU)
Scientific Committee Members: Prof. Naoki Kawazoe, Prof. Bin Li, Prof. Jun-ichiro Jo, Prof. Gang Li, Prof. Jiao Jiao Li, Prof. Haiyan Li, Prof. Xiaomeng Li, Dr. Tzu-Cheng Sung, Dr. Ting Wang, Prof. Xing Zhang, Prof. Xin Zhao, Dr. Yinghong Zhou
Sponsored by:

The Eye Hosptial of Wenzhou Medical University

2022 TERMIS-AP Webinar Student Paper Contest

Gold Award (12 students among 92 students)


Yen-Hung Chen, National Central University

Tianpeng Xu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Wenxuan Yang, Kyoto University

Yu-Yi Wu, Taipei Medical University, Taipei Medical University

Weiwei Zheng, Zhejiang University

Jiarong Li, The University of Sydney

Hoi Lam Cheung, The University of Hong Kong

Praphawi Nattasit, Tohoku University

Rui Sun, University of Tsukuba

Ting Li, Southern Medical University

Jiaxin Guo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tianjiao Zeng, University of Tsukuba


Foundation of TERMIS-AP Chapter

In July 2005, the TERMIS-AP Chapter was established at the Catholic University of Korea, Medical School, Seoul. Representatives from countries within the Asian-Pacific region invited to attend were: Prof. Teruo Okano (Japan), Asst. Prof. Jan-Thorsten Schantz (Singapore), Prof. Gin-Ho Hsiue (Chinese, Taipei), Prof. Ahnond Buynyaratvej (Thailand), Prof. Geoff McKeller (Australia), Prof. Ruszymah Bt Hj Idrus (Malaysia), Prof. Yilin Cao and Wei Liu (China), Prof. Minoru Ueda (Former President of ATES), Prof. Allan J. Russell (President of TERMIS), and Prof. Jöns Hilborn (President-Elect of TERMIS).


TERMIS-AP Continental Council

TERMIS-AP Committees

Conference Coordinating Committee: (4)

Chair:  Jen Ming Yang


  1. Yasuhiko Tabata
  2. Jin Ho Lee
  3. Akon Higuchi
  4. Shengming Zhang

Budget Committee: (6)

Chair:  Jen Ming Yang


  1. Shengmin Zhang
  2. Guoping Chen
  3. Akon Higuchi
  4. Tim Woodfield
  5. Dae Hyeok Yang


Nominating Committee (6)

Chair: Yasuhiko Tabata


  1. Jin Ho Lee
  2. Jen Ming Yang
  3. Shengmin Zhang
  4. Guoping Chen
  5. Tim Woodfield


Awards Committee: (3)

Chair: Jin Ho Lee


  1. Jen Ming Yang
  2.  Akon Higuchi


Development & Local Conference Committee:

Chairs: Jen-Ming Yang

  1. Co-Chair: Shengmin Zhang

Akon Higuchi

Xing Zhang


Development Committee:

Ika Dewi Ana, Greg Dusting, Nathaniel Hwang, Yasuhiko Iwasaki, Batbayar Khuyagbaatar, Khoon Lim, Huynh Dai Phu, Hong Wei Ouyang,

Munirah Binti Shaban


Local Conference Committee:

Mohd Fauzi Mh Busra, Jun Fang, Dana Ganbat, Bin Li, Haiyan Li, Jiao Jiao Li, Xiaomeng Li, Yukiko Matsunaga, Michiya Matsusaki, Tim Woodfield, Masaya Yamamoto, Dae Hyeok Yang, Zhengwei You


TERMIS-Asia Pacific Awards Program

Membership Dues

TERMIS-AP Chapter Meetings


  • TERMIS-AP 2019 & 7th ASBTE
    Brisbane, Australia
    14-16 October 2019
    Conference Chairs:  Prof. Yin Xiao & Prof. Justin Cooper-White
  • TERMIS-AP 2017
    Nantong, China
    September 21-24, 2017
    Conference Chairs:  Xiaosong Gu, Xiaobin Fu and Yilin Cao
    Program Chairs:  Fei Ding and Wei Liu
  • TERMIS-AP 2016
    Tamsui, Taipei
    September 3-6, 2016
    Conference Chair:  Yu-Chen Hu
  • TERMIS-AP 2014
    Daegu, South Korea
    September 24-27
    Conference Chairs: Prof. Jin Ho Lee and Byung-Hyun Min
    Program Chair: Jeong Ok Lim
  • TERMIS-AP 2013
    Wuzhen, China
    October 23-26
    Meeting Chairs: Dr. Yilin Cao and Dr. Wei Liu
  • TERMIS-AP 2011
    August 3-5, 2011
    Meeting Chair: Prof. James Goh
  • TERMIS-AP 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    September 15-17, 2010
    Meeting Chair: A/Prof. Geoffrey McKellar
  • TERMIS-AP 2008
    Taipei, Taiwan
    November 6-8, 2008
    Meeting Chairs: Professor Ging-Ho Hsiue and Professor Sheng-Mou Hou
  • TERMIS-AP 2007
    Tokyo, Japan
    December 3-5, 2007
    Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka
    Meeting Chair: Dr. Teruo Okano