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Industry Committee Members

  • Johannes Grillari (Chair)
  • Pedro Costa
  • Ruud Das
  • Jonathan Dawson
  • Stephen Gray
  • Melanie Hart
  • Zuzana Koci
  • Linda Kock
  • Aline Miller
  • Bernd Rolauffs
  • Silvia Scaglione
  • Paul Slezak
  • Avner Yayon

Industry Committee Proposal

2012 TERMIS World Congress
TERMIS-AM and TERMIS-EU Industry Committee Symposium
Friday, September 7, 2012 in Vienna, Austria

Session 1: Commercialization of Regenerative Products: The Academe/Industry Partnership 

Introduction for Session 1 . Dr. Yves Bayon 

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Ehrlich (Baxter, Head RD Baxter Bioscience; Vienna, Austria) 

Alain Vertes (London Business School , Sloan Fellow; London, UK) 
"Commercialization of Regenerative Products: The Academia/Industry Partnership" 

Arshad Ahmed (Scientia Advisors, Partner & co-founder; Boston, USA) 
"Commercializing regenerative medicine therapeutics and sustaining a successful business" 

Art J Coury (Consultant; former Vice President R&D Biomaterials, Genzyme; Boston, USA) 
"Translating academic concepts to commercial medical products - A complex Academic/industrial partnership" 

Charlie R Campion (Apatech / Baxter, London, UK) 
"ApaTech as an example of how .academia / industry partnerships. can overcome barriers to commercialization of regenerative medicine products. 

Session 2: The Regulatory Imperative: International Perspective 

Lucia D.Apote(European Medicines Agency [EMEA], Committee for Advanced Therapies [CAT], Scientific Administrator; London, UK) 
Lecture on the European regulatory environment of regenerative medicine 

Celia Witten(FDA.s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research [CBER], Director of the Office of Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapy, Washington, USA) 
Lecture on the US regulatory environment of regenerative medicine 

Roundtable with the US and European regulatory officers and 

Alison Wilson(CellData Services, Principal Consultant; York, UK) 

Tim Bertram(Tengion, Executive Vice President Science & Technology, Chief Scientific Officer; Winston-Salem, USA) 

Maria-Pascual Martinez(TiGenix, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs; Spain & Belgium) 

Robert Mays(Athersys, Senior Director of Regenerative Medicine; Cleveland, USA)