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Termis Davos 2017

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Termis-EU Congress, European Chapter Meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society 2017
was granted 23 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Accepted Society Symposia:

TERMIS European Chapter Meeting 2017

26 - 30 June, 2017, Davos, Switzerland
Personalised Therapies for Regenerative Medicine

The AO Research Institute Davos is honored to host the TERMIS (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society) European Chapter Meeting 2017 from 26 - 30 June, in Davos, Switzerland with the theme “Personalized Therapies for Regenerative Medicine”.

Davos is the premier congress city in the Alps hosting the World Economic Forum annually since 1971 along with the AO Foundation's education courses for orthopedic trauma surgeons since the early 60’s. Davos is a Science city hosting four international research institutes, several clinics for patient treatment and its own hospital. Set in an inspiring alpine landscape, where spring is currently awaking in the high altitudes. The alpine flora brings color and life. The alpine fauna is in full regeneration mode and we hope this and TERMIS-EU 2017 Davos will inspire you. Enjoy your stay in Davos. 

TERMIS-EU 2017 Davos will be the highest meeting of TERMIS at 1560M altitude and we aim to reach the highest level of scientific and clinical presentations (naturally along with highest Swiss standards of organization and hospitality). There were 1387 abstracts submitted of which 833 will be presented as posters (currently near 1200 registrations- May 31st). There are over 350 oral presentations including 60 keynote lectures, 66 invited lectures (from symposia organizers), four world renowned plenary lectures and a superb opening lecture- the 350 does not include the SYIS presentations (chosen from the student posters). There will be five parallel oral sessions, along with a new mode of an additional session room, dedicated for the whole week to the Student and Young Investigator Section (SYIS) presentations and activities including eight SYIS symposia. TERMIS-EU 2017 will also host the second ever Business Plan Competition, which was initiated at TERMIS-EU 2016 in Uppsala, Sweden and is run by the same enthusiastic young team. The popular yearly Industrial Day with 3 sessions returns and there will be a single plenary level debate along with a symposia level debate to stimulate some out of the box thinking and in the latter possibly influence the publishing review process.

Excellence in science is celebrated in two TERMIS-EU award lectures, several awards from the SYIS group and the prestigious AO Foundation Berton Rahn Research Award.

We started preparing for this conference with our bid at Genoa in 2014 and work has exponentially increased since that time, especially since Uppsala 2016. On top of the local organizers who worked exceptionally hard during this time, we would like to thank the TERMIS-EU 2017 Conference Scientific Advisory Committee who helped the local organizers with abstract reviews and speaker proposals. We would also like to thank TERMIS EU for having the confidence to let us independently run this meeting with very little monitoring, especially the chair Heinz Redl. A big thanks to the AO Research Institute Davos admin team and to Sarah Wilburn for great support in implementing all of this and for helping all our new ideas to take root.
Thank you to all the exhibitors and sponsors who have financially supported this meeting, which kept the costs reasonable for the participants and to Davos Destination Organization for great support.
Finally, thanks to the AO Foundation for allowing us to host TERMIS-EU 2017.

On behalf of the local organizing committee, we welcome you



Prof R Geoff Richards                                     
Conference Chair

  Prof Mauro Alini
Conference Program Chair