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Important Dates:

Standard registration closes: MAR 2019

Late registration opens: MAY 1st 2019

Late registration closes: MAY 31st 2019


TERMIS-EU General Assembly Meeting
29th May 2019
17:30 - 18:00
(All are welcome and encouraged to attend.)

Sponsors & Exhibitors Opportunities

TERMIS EU 2019 invites sponsors and exhibitors to actively participate in this meeting. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks and networking areas will be within the exhibition areas. Exhibition spaces are limited and will be allocated on a sponsorship level basis and first-come / first served basis. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, which will be applied at the relevant rate.

Sponsoring Category A – Platinum Sponsor

Cost: €10,000


Sponsoring Category B – Gold Sponsor

Cost: €7,500


Sponsoring Category C – Silver Sponsor

Cost: €5,000


Sponsoring Category D – Bronze Sponsor

Cost: €3,500


Sponsoring Category E – Publisher Sponsor

Cost: €2,000


Other Sponsoring Opportunities  

TERMIS EU 2019 Welcome Reception Sponsor


TERMIS EU 2019 Get Together Sponsor


TERMIS EU 2019 Soiree Sponsor


TERMIS EU 2019 Business Plan Competition (BPC) €10,000

TERMIS EU 2019 Lunch Sponsor (per day)


TERMIS EU 2019 Coffee break Sponsor (per break)


TERMIS EU 2019 Symposium / Workshop Sponsor


TERMIS EU 2019 Award Sponsor


Dedicated holding slide with the Sponsor’s logo before and after each session


Sponsor’s logo inclusion in a holding slide before and after each session


Sponsor’s logo at the TERMIS EU 2019 web-page


Sponsor’s video at the TERMIS EU 2019 web-page


Dedicated page at TERMIS EU 2019 conference book


Sponsor’s logo inclusion at the TERMIS EU 2019 conference book


Advertising material at TERMIS EU 2019 (e.g. flyers, posters, etc.)



Tailored packages for sponsors and exhibitors with particular requirements will be provided. For all sponsor / exhibitor opportunities, please contact us at