Each Participant must use a separate registration form.


Meeting Secretariat

Office: Kenes M+
Registration & Accommodation Specialists  

Ms. Neyir Seda Utugen;
Ms. Lara Volkan;



The UK has now left the EU. The current rules on travel and business for the UK and EU will continue to apply during the transition period which will end on December 31, 2020.

Therefore, Brexit is not going to affect preparations and any travel arrangements for TERMIS-EU 2020.
Check if you need a UK visa.


Registration and Information Desk
During the Meeting, there will be a Registration Desk within the Manchester Central Convention Complex for on-site registrations and distribution of the name badges and for helping the participants in the issues related with their registrations.

Registration Categories & Rates


Early Registration

(November 2019 - March 13, 2020)

Regular Registration

(March 14, 2020 - May 25, 2020)

Onsite Registration

(May 26, 2020 - May 29, 2020)

Conference Delegate (1) £615 £675 £750
TERMIS-EU 2020 Symposium Chair (2) £615 £675 £750
TERMIS Council (Any Chapter) Member (3) £615 £675 £750
Student (4) £475 £500 £575
Young Investigators/Trainees (5) £475 £500 £575
Emerging/Developing Countries (6) £475 £500 £575

Registration fee for all the Meeting Registration Categories Includes: Entry to all meeting sessions, pocket program book, ID badge, coffee breaks, lunches, welcome reception and networking dinner.

*Only Students/Young Investigators/Trainee category includes SYIS dinner.

(1)    Conference Delegate - Individuals who do not fall under any of the aforementioned categories.

(2)    TERMIS EU 2020 Symposium Chair - An individual who has submitted a symposium proposal and the symposium has been officially accepted from TERMIS EU 2020.

(3)    TERMIS Council Member - Any TERMIS Council Member from any Chapter (EU, AM, AP).

(4)    Student - A student is any individual who is engaged as a postgraduate or undergraduate in a university or college program and is actively interested in research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.  Students are required to provide their university ID for verification of their undergraduate/postgraduate status.

(5)    Young Investigator/ Trainee - Any individual who is employed by an academic institution in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, who has been awarded their doctoral degree within the past 3 years and who is not holding an appointment as faculty or academic staff. Young investigators are required to have their advisor / supervisor send a letter as proof of the bona fide status of the young investigator.

(6)    Emerging/Developing Countries - Registration is dependent on the country in which an individual currently resides and not on nationality. Individuals reside in countries listed within Group B and Group C below are eligible to emerging country fee.

Group B involves location within a country that has limited scientific infrastructure, or within a country that lies outside of the existing responsibility of continental chapters (i.e. most of Africa), such that individuals have limited prospects of belonging to a TERM society. These individuals, on application, will become members of TERMIS Global, without payment of a membership fee. These countries are: (In Europe) Albania, Andorra, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino, (In the Americas) all Central America and Caribbean Countries. Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela (In Asia-Pacific), Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Korea (North), Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Oman, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen (In Africa) all African countries not listed in Group C, Africa.

Group C are countries that do have some scientific infrastructure and has some TERM activity, and where there is the prospect of establishing a national or regional society or community and which could aspire to become fully recognized within a continental chapter. Initially these are considered similar to Group B but would transfer to Group A as appropriate, such considerations being made on a case-by-case basis. These countries are: (In Europe), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Malta, Monaco, Ukraine, (In the Americas) Chile, Colombia, (In Asia-Pacific) all Ocean Countries except Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, The Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, (In Africa) Algeria, Egypt, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa.

TERMIS Membership
By attending a TERMIS meeting, you automatically become a member of TERMIS or renew your membership until the end of the following year (see TERMIS membership).

Letter of Confirmation: A confirmation letter will be mailed within one week of receipt of the total registration fee.

•    Notification of changes in reservation and/or cancellations must be done in writing to the Meeting Secretariat, Ms. Neyir Seda Utugen; , Ms. Lara Volkan;  
•    All prices are inclusive of VAT taxes.
•    A confirmation letter will be mailed within one weeks of receipt of the total registration fee.
•    Please make your bank transfer for your registration fee excluding the bank transfer charges.


The official currency of the congress is GBP.

Payments should be made in advance by one of the two following means.

i. Bank transfer to:

ACCOUNT NAME              : Termis 2020 Congress, Manchester
ACCOUNT NUMBER         : 1500934-92-192
BANK NAME                      : Credit Suisse
BRANCH                             : Genève
SWIFT CODE                     :  CRESCHZZ80A
IBAN (BIC) GBP                 : CH69 0483 5150 0934 9219 2
ADDRESS OF THE BANK : Rue de la Monnaie 1-3 | 1204 Genève | Switzerland

ii. By credit card:
Holders of Visa or Eurocard / Mastercard may use their cards for charging all costs. Please indicate card number, expiry date and security code on the registration form. Please note that daily exchange rates will be applied and slight differences on the total charged amount may arise due to fluctuations in the daily exchange rates.

We regret that we are unable to accept personal, company, bank or GBP cheques.