The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, Inc. (TERMIS) was founded by key leaders of the former European Tissue Engineering Society (ETES) and the Tissue Engineering Society International, Inc. (TESI).  In January 2005, the leaders of these two organizations had a vision to join the societies to form one global organization that would link researchers in the field worldwide.  The leaders of each society obtained approval by their membership to proceed with the merger.  TERMIS was officially announced during the last TESI conference that was conducted in Shanghai, China in October 2005.


ETES (European Tissue Engineering Society)

Prof. Robert Brown (1952-2016) Prof. Jons Hilborn


TESI (Tissue Engineering Society International, Inc.)

Prof. Bob Nerem (1937 - 2020) Dr. Alan Russell


In August 2005, the leaders of the Asian-Pacific Societies met in Seoul, South Korea with Dr. Alan Russell and Prof. Jons Hilborn to discuss incorporating the Asian-Pacific Chapter in TERMIS.  The representatives from the Asian-Pacific countries present at that meeting were as follows:


Australia Geoffrey McKellar
Ann Collins
China (P.R.C.) Yilin Cao
Wei Liu
Japan Toshihiro Akaike
Teruo Okano
MInoru Ueda
South Korea Chong Su Cho
Hai Bang Lee
Shin Yong Moon
Gilson Khang
Malaysia Binti Haji Idrus Ruszymah
Aminuddin Bin Saim
Singapore Jan Thorsten Schantz
Chinese Taipei Ging-Ho Hsiue
Thailand Ahnon Bunyaratvej


To learn more about the formation of the Tissue Engineering Society (TES), the Tissue Engineering Society International (TESI), the European Tissue Engineering Society (ETES), please refer to the piece written by Dr. Charles A. Vacanti, The history of tissue engineering published in J.Cell. Mol. Med. Vol 10, No 3, 2006 pp. 569-576.



In October 2005 in Shanghai, P.R. China, the members of the board met to discuss key items associated with the formation of TERMIS.  In addition, it was also decided to establish SYIS (Students & Young Investigators) Chapter Councils.

Governing Board Meeting Minutes from October 22, 2005
Governing Board Meeting Minutes from October 24, 2005

Those founding members of TERMIS are:

Anthony Atala
Stephen Badylak
Ranieri Cancedda
Steven Goldstein
Jöns Hilborn
Jeffrey Hubbell
Hai Bang Lee
Il-Woo Lee
Mona Marei
Geoff McKeller
Robert Nerem
Teruo Okano
Buddy Ratner
Rui Reis
Alan Russell
Yasuhiko Tabata
David Williams
Ivan Martin
David Smith

Gerjo van Osch
Sarah Wilburn