TERMIS-SYIS AM Council Members

TERMIS-SYIS AM Council Members

Navein Arumugasaamy - Chair
I’m currently a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park, in Dr. John Fisher’s Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Laboratory. My research involves developing a tissue model of the placental maternal-fetal interface to investigate how substances present during pregnancy influence this barrier, and to what extent these substances cross the barrier and affect fetal cells. I’ve utilized this model to assess transport of Zika Virus from mother to fetus and plan to assess how antidepressants taken during pregnancy influence the barrier, as well as fetal cardiovascular cells. I received my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 2014.



Lexi Rindone, SYIS-AM Chair-Elect (January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022) is a PhD Student at Johns Hopkins University, working in Prof. Warren Grayson's lab for Craniofacial and Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering. Previously, I received my BS in Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. My research focuses on developing and applying a 3D light-sheet imaging platform to study the spatial interactions of blood vessels, stem cells, and osteoblasts during cranial bone regeneration. This research will inform the development of targeted therapeutics to treat critical-sized craniofacial bone defects. Outside the lab, I like to work out and play tennis, read the news, explore local farmers' markets and food stores, listen to music, and watch comedy! 


Laura Bracaglia - SYIS-AM Past Chair
Laurie is a PhD student at the University of Maryland, and is investigating hybrid biomaterials for cardiovascular tissue engineering strategies in the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Laboratory with Dr. John Fisher. She got her BS in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech in 2012. 


Aaron Morris - Secretary
Aaron completed his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Yale University in 2017. He worked in Themis Kyriakides's lab studying biomaterials for applications in wound healing and the foreign body response. In particular he studied both polymeric materials for drug delivery as well as decellularized skin and ECM hydrogels. Aaron has begun a postdoctoral fellowship in Lonnie Shea's lab at the University of Michigan and is interested in biomaterials, immune responses to materials, and immune cell trafficking. 


Emi Kiyotake - Treasurer

Emi is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oklahoma under Prof. Michael Detamore. She completed her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 2020 with her thesis entitled, “Development of a Conductive Hydrogel for Translational Spinal Cord Regeneration”. In addition to her interest in conductive, photocrosslinking hydrogels with gold nanorods for spinal cord injury, her current research focuses on the the development of cartilage extracellular matrix-based, photocrosslinking hydrogels for cartilage regeneration.


Tomas Gonzalez Fernandez - Communications Officer
Tomas is an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California Davis under the supervision of Prof. Kent Leach. He completed his PhD in 2018 at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) with his thesis entitled "Integrating Non-viral Gene Therapy and 3D Bioprinting for Bone, Cartilage and Osteochondral Tissue Engineering". To fulfill his passion about science communication, he has served as the Communications Officer of the TERMIS-AM SYIS council since 2019. His current research focused in the development of bioinstructive 3D printable materials for musculoskeletal tissue repair. 



Jacqueline Larouche - 2020 Programming Chair
Jacqueline is a Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate in Carlos Aguilar’s lab at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her research focuses on elucidating intercellular communication networks that confer muscle satellite cell impairments and developing in vivo reprogramming-based therapeutic strategies for age-associated muscle wasting and volumetric muscle loss.