International Fellows of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (FTERM)

The International Fellows of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (FTERM) was created to recognize a distinguished leader within the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field. FTERM was established to recognize an individuals role in shaping the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field and TERMIS.

  • Honorary status to recognize individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the field of TERM, with outputs of clear professional excellence.
  • The distinguished members of TERMIS that are recognized as Fellows should be role models for members of the Society and others in the field.
  • Fellows are expected to foster new activities and continue to act as leaders in the field, supporting its development.

Selection Process of FTERM

  • Fellows are recognized every three (3) years at the TERMIS World Congress.
  • Existing Fellows nominate and approve new Fellows.
  • Overview of the nomination process
  • Each nomination must be co-signed by two existing Fellows. 
  • No Fellow can sign more than two nominations.
  • Nominations not signed by at least two FTERM fellows will not be accepted.
  • Existing Fellows will be asked to consider the need for a diverse (continental, gender, academic, industry diversity etc.) group of Fellows when nominating individuals.
  • Nominees must have been a member of TERMIS for at least ten years by the time of the World Congress at which they would be elected, and typically at least 15 years of involvement in the TERM field with a present leading role in related activities.
  • Once the nominations have been collected the Fellows will vote (Yes or No).  Nominees who receive >80% yes votes (with abstentions not counting as a vote) will be elected as a Fellow.

Chairs of FTERM
R. Geoff Richards (2022-2024)
Rui Reis (2019 - 2021)
David Williams (2016 - 2018)
Stephen Badylak (2015-2017)

To initiate the College of Fellows in 2012, the College Nominations Committee consisted of the President (Stephen Badylak), President-Elect (David Williams) and the three current Chapter Chairs (Yilin Cao - AP; Rui Reis - EU; Robert Guldberg - AM).


Current FTERM Members

First Name Last Name Year Inducted Chapter  
Mauro Alini 2018 Europe  
Anthony Atala 2012 Americas  
Stephen Badylak 2012 Americas  
Ranieri Cancedda 2012 Europe  
Barbara Chan 2023 Asia-Pacific  
Maria Chatzinikolaidou 2023 Europe  
Sing Yian Chew 2023 Asia-Pacific  
Karen Christman 2023 Americas  
Alicia El Haj 2023 Europe  
Marta Fontanilla 2023 Americas  
Lucie Germain 2023 Americas  
Manuela Gomes 2021 Europe  
Linda Griffith 2012 Americas  
Robert Guldberg 2012 Americas  
Kiki Hellman 2012 Americas  
Jöns Hilborn 2012 Europe  
Jeffrey Hubbell 2012 Americas  
Dietmar W. Hutmacher 2012 Asia-Pacific  
Gilson Khang 2012 Asia-Pacific  
Robert Langer 2012 Americas  
Jin Ho Lee 2015 Asia-Pacific  
Hai-Bang Lee 2012 Asia-Pacific  


2023 Europe  

Jeong Ok

Lim 2023 Asia-Pacific  
Kacey Marra 2021 Americas  
Ivan Martin 2012 Europe  
First Name Last Name Year Inducted Chapter
Alison McGuigan 2021 Americas
Antonios Mikos 2012 Americas
David Mooney 2012 Americas
Antonella Motta 2023 Europe
Gail Naughton 2012 Americas
Abhay Pandit 2015 Europe
Milica Radisic 2018 Americas
Buddy Ratner 2012 Americas
Heinz Redl 2015 Europe
Rui Reis 2015 Europe
R. Geoff Richards 2021 Europe
Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina 2023 Asia-Pacific
Alan Russell 2012 Americas
Katja Schenke-Layland 2021 Europe
Molly Shoichet 2012 Americas
Yasuhiko Tabata 2012 Asia-Pacific
Rocky Tuan 2021 Asia-Pacific
Gerjo van Osch 2018 Europe
Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic 2012 Americas
William  Wagner 2015 Americas
Anthony Weiss 2018 Asia-Pacific

FTERM with Emeritus status are FTERM who no longer are active in the field (e.g. have retired) or have stepped back from FTERM duties for health issues. Emeritus FTERM can still vote for new FTERM nominations but are not counted within the total number of active FTERM.

Yilin Cao, PhD (2012) Asia-Pacific
Peter C. Johnson, MD (2012) Americas
C. James Kirkpatrick, 
MD PhD DSc FRCPath, FBSE, FTERM (2012) Europe
Teruo Okano, PhD (2012) Asia-Pacific
Nancy Parenteau, PhD (2012) Americas
David Smith (2018) Americas
David Williams, PhD, FREng, FLSW (2012) Americas
Joseph Vacanti, MD (2012) Americas

Charles Vacanti, MD (2012) Americas


Deceased Fellows:
Robert Nerem, Americas, 2012 - 2020


2021 Fellows of TERM Class

During the 2021 virtual TERMIS World Congress in November, our newly elected members of FTERM will be recognized.

The 2021 FTERM Class includes:

  • Manuela Gomes - University of Minho (EU)
    Kacey Marra - University of Pittsburgh (AM)
    Alison McGuigan - University of Toronto (AM)
    R. Geoff Richards - AO Research Institute (EU)
    Katja Schenke-Layland - University of Tübingen (EU)
    Rocky Tuan - The Chinese University of Hong Kong (AP)


2018 Fellows of TERM Class

The 2018 FTERM Class inducted during the 2018 TERMIS World Congress in Kyoto.

From left to right:  Gerjo van Osch, Tony Weiss, Rui Reis (FTERM Chair), Milica Radisic and Mauro Alini
FTERM inductee not present at the World Congress:  David Smith


2015 Fellows of TERM Class

During the 2015 TERMIS World Congress, the newly elected members into FTERM were recognized.

From left to right: William Wagner, Jin Ho Lee, Robert Guldberg, Stephen Badylak (Chair of FTERM), Rui Reis, Abhay Pandit, Heinz Redl, David Williams (TERMIS President)


2012 Fellows of TERM Class Picture

FTERM recipients that were in Vienna from left to right: Yasuhiko Tabata, Gilson Khang, Jöns Hilborn, Peter Johnson, Robert Nerem, Stephen Badylak, Dietmar Hutmacher, Buddy Ratner, Ranieri Cancedda, David Williams, Antonios Mikos, Ivan Martin, and C. James Kirkpatrick