Final Results - 2018 TERMIS Election

The election process for the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) has concluded. Here are the final results of the 2018 Election.

The terms for ALL positions began January 1, 2019. The term for each of the offices is three (3) years, except for the TERMIS-AM Membership Committee members, whose term is for two (2) years.


The President-Elect position

Tony Weiss

The one (1) position for the Member-at-Large: Globally

Manuela Gomes

The one (1) open position within the Editorial Committee

Dimitrios Zeugolis


The four (4) open positions for the Council

Lauren Black
Tracy Criswell
Kurt Kasper
Cherie Stabler

The one (1) open position on the Awards Committee

Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez

The three (3) open positions on the Membership Committee

Michael Davis
Ngan Huang
Aleksander Skardal

The two (2) open position on the Nominating Committee

Adam Engler
Laura Suggs


The five (5) open positions for the Council

Ika Dewi Ana
Masahiro Kino-oka
Hae Sang Park
Sang Jun Park
Tim Woodfield


The one (1) open position for Chair-Elect

Abhay Pandit

The one (1) open position for the Member-at-Large: EU

Ivan Martin

The five (5) open positions on the EU Council

Sandra Hofmann
Catherine Le Visage
Richard Oreffo
Antonella Motta
Sandra Van Vierberghe

Students and Young Investigators within America (AM)

The (1) open position for Communications Officer

Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez

Students or young investigators within Europe (EU)

The (1) open position for the Treasurer

Arianna Ferrini