Student Membership Benefits

As a TERMIS-SYIS member you will be part of a worldwide organization whose benefits are geared specifically to the needs of the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine community. Member benefits include access to the TERMIS and TERMIS-SYIS newsletter and exclusive access to the online forums and discussion boards. The forum and discussion boards will also allow members to access research and job opportunities worldwide. Central to TERMIS-SYIS is the professional and career development of its members as well as enhancement of member's technical expertise through association with the leaders in our field. Several events at the upcoming Regenerate World Congress will focus on these areas and include:

  • Professional development workshop focusing on how to give a first rate scientific presentation to an international audience
  • An intellectual property workshop that focuses on the challenges related to intellectual property
  • A round table discussion with some of the leaders in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • An opportunity to co-chair scientific sessions with the leaders in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
  • Social events which foster networking