TERMIS-AM Thematic Interest Working Group (TWIGs)

Biofabrication & Bioreactors
Vasillios Sikavtsas, Chair
George Christ, Secretary/Treasurer

Chris Bashur, Chair
Ngan Huang, Vice-Chair
Jade Tang, Secretary
Annelie Roosens, SYIS 

Commercialization & Regulation
Pedro Costa, Chair
Suzy Tabbaa, Vice-Chair
Aby Mathew &Christopher Gemmiti, Past Chairs
Travis Prest, Secretary 

Dental & Craniofacial
Pamela Yelick, Chair
Samer Zaky, Secretary
Elizabeth Smith, SYIS Representative
Fatima Syed Picard, Communications 

Imaging and Assessment
Alyssa Appel, Chair

Joel Boerkel, Chair
Lisa Larkin, Treasurer

Neural & Spine
Adele Doyle & Mike Modo, Co-Chairs

Xiaokun Wang, Chair 

Respiratory, Urologic & Gastrointestinal
Alonzo Cook, Chair
Andreas Kassi, Secretary 

Scaffolds, Matrices, and Biomaterials
Co-Chairs: Jeff Jacot and George Pins
Vice-Chair: Perla Ayala
Secretary: Madhu Dhar and Kelly Burke
SYIS Representative: Jon Grasman

Skin, Wound Healing, and Inflammation
Scott Sell, Chair
Anesh Prasai, Vice-Chair

Stem Cells & Cell Therapies & Developmental Biology and Cell Signaling
Monica Laronda, Chair
Susan Thibeault, Secretary