Conference Chairs:

Yasuhiko Tabata
Yoshiki Sawa

Program Chair:

Tatsuya Shimizu

Instructions for Presenters:

For the Press:


September 4, 2018


Symposia Titles (Tentative)

RNA interference to promote tissue regeneration

Gene Delivery in Tissue Engineering

Discovering Novel Tissue and Blood Proteins for Regeneration

Mechanobiology and Force Sensing in Regenerative Medicine

Reconstituting cell niche

Extracellular Vesicles in Tissue Regeneration

Regenerative Microenviroment Therapies in Ischemia Organs

Frontier of research on interstitial cells / extracellular matrix for generating functional tissue and organs

"Regenerative Medicine with Allogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells
– The Current Status and Future Prospective -"

Bioengineering tools enabling the application of MSC as trophic mediators in challenging diseases

The interactions of biomaterials and stem cells/tissue regeneration

Injectable scaffolds

Research Challenges in Stem Cell Culture and Differentiation on Biomaterials targeting for Stem Cell Therapy

Platelet derivatives and platelet-derived biomaterials in TERM

Advances in cell encapsulation technologies for regenerative medicine

Polymer, Biopolymer, and Matrix-Mediated Delivery of Cell Signaling Proteins


Electroactive Biomaterials and Electrostimulation in TERM applications

Biomaterials for Modulating Vasculature: Therapeutic Applications

Clinical translation of tissue engineering techniques using various biomaterials

In situ tissue regeneration: endogenous stem cell recruitment, bioactive signals, and biomaterial design

Elastin in regenerative medicine: biomaterials and biosynthesis

Development and manufacture of silk-based medical devices: from basic systems to clinical use

Silk biomaterial matrices

Multi-Scale Approaches For Complex Tissue Generation

Live-cell Bioprinting for Tissue Engineering

Advances in Scaffold-Free, Cell Spheroids-Based Tissue Engineering

Biomaterials-Bio3D Printing

Biofabrication: from new technologies to clinical applications

New frontier strategies in the fabrication of vascularized tissues

Vascularization in Tissue & Organ Engineering

In vivo Bioreactor ? In situ Tissue Regeneration

Scaffold-free strategies to engineer tissue for regenerative medicine

4D-Tissue Regeneration: Integration of Cells and Scaffolds in Three-Dimension and Temporal Regeneration

Recapitulating tumor microenvironments to screen biotherapeutics

Recent achievements and future perspective of micro-physiological cell culture systems toward in vitro physiology

Multi-parametric quantitative imaging of live cells in 3D tissue models

Computational Modeling Stem Cell Fate

Recall the Regenerative Potential Through Robot Engineering and Mechanical Stimulation

Laser perforation and alternative strategies for matrix repopulation

Quantitative X-ray Micro-CT Imaging for Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for joint preservation

Cell therapies for tendon repair ? nature’s engineers doing their job

Regeneration of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Current Status and Challenges

Potential of polydactyly-derived cells for regenerative medicine

Dental pulp regeneration: How can we reach the goal?

Immunomodulation in orthopaedic and dental tissue engineering

Translation of novel developments in bone engineering ? where do we stand?

Gene therapy for bone regeneration

Translating skeletal muscle tissue engineering into clinics

Regenerative medicine for muscular diseases

Advanced skeletal regenerative therapies in the context of aging

Gene2Skin Twinning H2020 Project- Roadmap for advanced genetic engineering-based skin therapies

Forefront of clinical study in craniofacial regeneration therapy

Towards clinical development of advanced nerve conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration

Advances in neural tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Tissue Engineering and beyond in peripheral nerve regeneration - from supportive biomaterials and cells to functional recovery

Vascular Tissue Engineering

Recent Advance in Myocardial Tissue Engineering

Current update of tissue engineering and biomaterial for corneal diseases: what is the bottleneck for translational research?

Tissue engineering of human vocal fold repair and regeneration

Innovative devices for the treatment of endocrine/metabolic diseases

TERMIS-WC Business Plan Competition Finals

Bringing Cell Therapy to Industrialized Processing for Burns and Wounds”

Cell manufacturability in cell manufacturing process

Animal models in clinical translation and commercialization of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine therapies - Myths and reality

Role of Stem Cell Research in Academia

ISBF-TERMIS Joint Young Scientist Chapters. Biofabrication in TERM

Regenerative Rehabilitation: the Key to Translating Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Technologies

‘One Health’ - Translational regenerative medicine in the veterinary sector

Challenges to Stem Cell Therapy Development and Regulation in Dogs and Cats

ESAO@Termis 2018 joint Symposium of the Working Groups on Tissue engineering and Bioartificial Organs

Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing for early intervention of osteoarthritis (H2020-MSCA-RISE BAMOS project)

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine of the Cornea: Towards a clinical reality through the cooperation of Industry, Government and Academia

disease model for a new drug using an iPSC technology

Progress in cell sheets therapy for various diseases

Regenerative therapy for GI and HPB diseases

Kidney and endocrine organs

Regenerative therapy in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

National Projects and Organizational Approaches to Promote and Spread the Regenerative Medicine

Public-private partnership for research on standardization and validation of methods for tumorigenicity assessment of regenerative medical products (MEASURE)

Regenerative medicine in opthalmological field

Cardiovascular regenerative therapy